• A Collaborative Immersion Experience

    In this 5-day workshop, you'll be introduced to a comprehensive model for facilitation, one that balances “hard” and “soft” skills. Using hands-on, multi-modal approaches, we’ll take you beyond theory to walk the path of mastery using a holistic set of 20 facilitation competencies. These competencies are based on a new model encompassing twenty archetypes of the integral facilitator, informed by the "integral" philosophy of … [Continue Reading]

    A Collaborative Immersion Experience
  • Why Collaboration?

    Collaboration is an art and science whose time has come.. Overall, 36% of a company’s profitability, innovation, quality, and growth are due to its Collaboration Index. —Frost and Sullivan White Paper Sponsored by Verizon and Microsoft— 76% of employers want their people to have teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in diverse group settings. —How Should Colleges Prepare Students to Succeed in … [Continue Reading]

    Why Collaboration?
  • Why Should You Attend?

    This workshop goes beyond typical facilitation trainings. Here are some highlights of what to expect from attending this workshop: - You will learn a holistic approach to solving problems in groups rather than just a set of tools. Many facilitators know how to use sticky dots and post it notes…they tend to focus on the process of facilitation as an end in itself. With a more comprehensive approach, we assess the … [Continue Reading]

    Why Should You Attend?
  • Who Should Attend?

    This workshop will serve you best if you have at least some basic facilitation and leadership experience. It will offer you the attitudes and hands-on practice you need to serve in the role of facilitator with increased confidence, and will help expand your self-knowledge and ability to self-manage; skills critical to your success as a leader. If you are an experienced facilitator, this is your chance to take your existing … [Continue Reading]

    Who Should Attend?
  • What Can I Expect?

    "This was transformational - both at a personal and a professional level. This workshop gave me a new toolkit, one of which I draw upon in my personal and professional life. This week was one of the most impactful weeks I've had in my professional career." --2012 Workshop Participant-- I want to let you know I facilitated a meeting yesterday that was like no other. I used many of the tools I learned from you in January. Over … [Continue Reading]

    What Can I Expect?
  • What Others Are Saying

    "I can honestly say that this workshop transformed my approach to dealing with myself, group dynamics, teaching, and everyday problem solving. I could sing the course praises that would cover the Skagit River shorelines, but I think the best approach would be to experience it yourself!" --2009 Workshop Participant-- My sister and I attended the JOFC Workshop in June, 2009 in Madison. Her work life has been transformed by the … [Continue Reading]

    What Others Are Saying
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2014 Workshop Participant

I’ve used various techniques from the workshop each day. Today I had an impromptu meeting that would have made me pull my hair out before this training. The meeting started with about 5 people talking at the same time and half the issues were unrelated. I made everyone take a step back and state the goal, we then took a minute to agree on process and created an agenda. We dropped unnecessary conversations and achieved our goal. It seriously kicked ass, I wish you could have been there! Everyone said that they were really happy with the meeting at the end. Thank you, thank you.

2011 Workshop Participant

It feels really impossible to identify anything that didn’t work or could have worked much better. I’m hyper-aware of how workshops are planned and carried out, and this had to be the best example I’ve ever seen.

2009 Workshop Participant

This experience has truly changed my life for the better, both professionally and personally. The Integral Model is such a valuable life tool. I only wish that I had been aware of the concepts much earlier in my life.