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2014 Workshop Participant

I have been recommending this course to everyone I know. My life is exactly the same, but my approach is much different. I center myself several times a day and call out my gremlins and triggers as I feel them. I feel like I went to a retreat, and it has truly improved my facilitator skills. 

2011 Workshop Participant

It feels really impossible to identify anything that didn’t work or could have worked much better. I’m hyper-aware of how workshops are planned and carried out, and this had to be the best example I’ve ever seen.

2008 Workshop Participant

Although I have pretty extensive facilitation training in my past, I found this workshop to be a truly exceptional reworking and expansion of material I thought I was familiar with. It was one of the best professional training sessions I’ve ever attended.I was a part of the very first cohort and I paid for it on my own.