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2014 Workshop Participant

I’ve used various techniques from the workshop each day. Today I had an impromptu meeting that would have made me pull my hair out before this training. The meeting started with about 5 people talking at the same time and half the issues were unrelated. I made everyone take a step back and state the goal, we then took a minute to agree on process and created an agenda. We dropped unnecessary conversations and achieved our goal. It seriously kicked ass, I wish you could have been there! Everyone said that they were really happy with the meeting at the end. Thank you, thank you.

2012 Workshop Participant

This was transformational – both at a personal and a professional level. This workshop gave me a new toolkit, one of which I draw upon in my personal and professional life. This week was one of the most impactful weeks I’ve had in my professional career.

2008 Workshop Participant

This is the best workshop I have ever attended, and I have attended a lot of workshops! Everything about the experience was positive. I not only learned more than I thought I would, but I also use what I learn.