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2014 Workshop Participant

This was THE best workshop I have been to. I think it is very useful and can be applied to both personal and work life. The instructors were phenomenal and all of the activities were well structured. It helped me get out of my comfort zone, which it seems people need to do in order to grown and learn. WELL DONE!

2012 Workshop Participant

The other night when I got home, I found myself being a much better dad. I don’t know a stronger way to say thank you than to share that.

2009 Workshop Participant

From pre-workshop activities to workshop flow, structure, and themes (and a bit of everything in between), the learning, teaching, and deep conversation that occurs is well worth the time and investment whether you are in the IT world, janitor, a facilitator, consultant, musical busker, farmer…everyone, I feel, comes away with an enriched experience.