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2013 Workshop Participant

“Journey” is the key word for me, in that after all these years there is still excitement and passion to learn what it means to be a human being and to serve people. Thank you one hundred times.

2012 Workshop Participant

I wanted to thank you for a valuable experience last week. I gained tools which will aid me in future facilitation, which was my goal. What I didn’t expect to receive was further insight to what makes me “tick” – this part was surprising and personally very valuable. Thank you for the candor, integrity and being so authentic.

2009 Workshop Participant

From pre-workshop activities to workshop flow, structure, and themes (and a bit of everything in between), the learning, teaching, and deep conversation that occurs is well worth the time and investment whether you are in the IT world, janitor, a facilitator, consultant, musical busker, farmer…everyone, I feel, comes away with an enriched experience.