What Can I Expect?

“This was transformational – both at a personal and a professional level. This workshop gave me a new toolkit, one of which I draw upon in my personal and professional life. This week was one of the most impactful weeks I’ve had in my professional career.”
–2012 Workshop Participant–

I want to let you know I facilitated a meeting yesterday that was like no other. I used many of the tools I learned from you in January. Over this year I have integrated the four-quadrant thinking and approach to much of what I do. Yesterday’s meeting was a 35 person meeting that allowed Owners, Directors, and Supervisor of 200 Sonic Drive-in Restaurants to create initiatives that are completely theirs. My RVP, two other VP’s, and my Marketing Director were in attendance and I received nothing but positive feedback. I have recently been promoted, and have been asked to move to our corporate office and be part of the team that manages execution for 3700 restaurants. I value what I learned from you and will use it always.
–Hayley D. Hendrick, Sonic Drive-in, Market Leader, 2012–

I wanted to thank you for a valuable experience last week. I gained tools which will aid me in future facilitation, which was my goal. What I didn’t expect to receive was further insight to what makes me “tick” – this part was surprising and personally very valuable. Thank you for the candor, integrity and being so authentic.
–2012 Workshop Participant, Denise DeMarb–

I can’t express what it was like for me to study your materials and feel that you had been able to articulate the complexity that I feel in this work. But instead of seeing it as complex, I tended to see it as struggle. Of course, it still is a struggle! However, I now have a handle on it, so to speak–names for the multiple components–so that I feel more in control over my experience. You’ve given me a gift and I really appreciate it!
Trish Hatfield, Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant CharacterEthics, LLC