A Collaborative Immersion Experience

In this 5-day workshop, you’ll be introduced to a comprehensive model for facilitation, one that balances “hard” and “soft” skills. Using hands-on, multi-modal approaches, we’ll take you beyond theory to walk the path of mastery using a holistic set of 20 facilitation competencies. These competencies are based on a new model encompassing twenty archetypes of the integral facilitator, informed by the “integral” philosophy of Ken Wilber.

Upon completion of the workshop, each “sojourner” will be awarded a professional certificate in Integral Facilitation and Collaboration from UW-Madison.

Over the past four years, over 85% of participants who attended
the Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration Workshop
said that they use what they learned on a daily or regular basis.

Over 94% said they would recommend it to others.