Elements of the JTOT Apprentice Program

  • Prerequisites: Apprentices will have taken both JOFC and JB and wish to share the practice and develop the art of Integral Leadership on a national or global scale.
  • Format
    • Three Weekend Workshops:
      • April 21-23, 2017 (orientation and kickoff)
      • Sept 15-17, 2017 (shift from competency to practice)
      • April 6-8, 2018 (integration projects and transition to sojourner)
    • Monthly Webinars. (2) 90-minute virtual sessions/month, 1 teaching, 1 group coaching.
  • Three-Stage Training Progression
    1. Apprentice: 12- month training program
    2. Sojourner:  Teach at least two courses with lead trainers in a graduated mentoring relationship during Sojourner Phase, e.g. 2 trainers + 1 trainee; 1 trainer + 2 trainee, trainee certified as JOFC Teacher/Consultant.
    3. Teacher/Consultant: Certified to Full Teacher/consultant status after 1 year internship.
  • Learn JOFC underpinnings. Learn to build and facilitate the transformative containers used ini JOFC and JB.
  • Practice: JToT will tap into existing networks such as UW-MANIAC, Focus on Facilitation, Servant Leadership Learning Community, Community Partnership (CPO) and other groups on and off UW-Madison to help participants to practice giving JOFC modules and teaching one or more of the 20 JOFC competencies or JB principles.
  • Projects: Take on a community project enhanced by delivery of training module. Be able to answer the question: “Why is this problem worth solving?” Help orient to a living-giving system.
  • Evaluation, Validation & Certification. Completion of the Apprentice program does not guarantee progress to Sojourner Level. Course entry is “Self-Qualifying.” You may require individual coaching to meet requirements; certification after Sojourner completion is subjective based on Teachers collective assessment. The JToT cohort will provide Harry, Steve, and Darin with a trusted group to help evaluate and validate competency to lead JOFC.
  • Promote, Sustain, Evolve: We will seek to weave in incentives for Apprentices to promote courses or find clients for JOFC to expand our reach, training capacity, and much needed skills of collaboration throughout society. Working with JToT members, HWB, SD and DH will actively look for opportunities to conduct JOFC in whole and in part. Initial JOFC scaling opportunities include: higher education institutions, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Justice and Sustainability Associates, Dane County United Way.


Basic Apprentice Program

$1,900         Live Workshops: 3-4 Live Workshops, 2-3 days each. ~$500/each

$900            Virtual Component: Bi-weekly tele-seminars (9-18); teaching + group coaching ($90/mo.)

$2,800         Total Cost for Basic Program (4 quarterly payments of $695)

Apprentice Program + Coaching

$2,000         12 months of 1-on-1 coaching (Optional)

$4,800         Total Cost for Basic Program + Coaching
(8 monthly payments of $600)

Design Team Work Study Program

Opportunity to support development of the Apprentice Program in a “Work Study” to receive 25% credit in $JToT for the cost of the program.

Work Study Requirements

  1. Be registered in the Apprentice Program and the Design Team
  2. Attend at least 80% of all Design Team meetings
  3. Complete tasks agreed to and assigned to support development of the Apprentice program to the satisfaction of the training team.