JTOT Design Team

Welcome to the JToT Design Team community. This page will be a repository to support our progress as a team in designing and refining the JTOT Apprentice Program. As Design Team member, you will commit to attending regular meetings, review materials, generate ideas, share your connections and resources through your networks, and support ongoing actions. JToT R&D Team members will meet monthly from October 2016 – June 2017.


Design Team Meeting Videos

September 20, 2016
JToT Design Team Meeting
Design Team Kickoff

JToT Commitment Sheet. Please download and complete this sheet then email back to use to confirm your commitments to the team.

October 18, 2016
JToT Design Team Meeting

Module 1: Preparation

Module 1: Handouts
JTOT Traveler’s Guide
Design Team Production Guide Template
Production Guide: Participation Module
Design Team Schedule

November 22, 2016
JToT Design Team Meeting

Module 2: UL Competencies


Module 2: Handouts
Design Team UL Competencies
Updated UL Inner Guide Competencies 
(revisions welcome)

December 20, 2016
JToT Design Team Meeting

Module 3: UR Competencies


Module 3: Handouts
Design Team UR Competencies
Updated UR The Path Competencies (revisions welcome)

January 24, 2017
JToT Design Team Meeting

Module 4: LR Competencies


Module 4: Handouts
Design Team LR Competencies
LR Competencies Worksheet

February 21, 2017
JToT Design Team Meeting

Module 5: LL Competencies


Module 5: Handouts

Design Team LL Competencies
LL Competencies Worksheet

March 21, 2017
JToT Design Team Meeting

Review and Schedule Change


Module 6: Handouts

JTOT Teaching Guide

June 20, 2017
JToT Design Team Meeting