steve davisSteven M. Davis, M.S., M.A. is the founder of, a virtual university offering training, tools, and resources to group facilitators, trainers, consultants, coaches, and leaders. Steve works with his clients to overcome their fear of presenting themselves, to resolve barriers to their creativity, to empower their under-performing teams, to enhance their facilitation skills, and to build their businesses online and offline.  He also publishes a weekly ezine for facilitators, the Master Facilitator Journal, to over 5,000 readers in nearly 100 countries. He offers a unique and diverse skill set encompassing management, business and life coaching, group facilitation, training design and delivery, e-commerce, marketing, writing, and engineering. With his technical background as a former engineer, coupled with his passion and experience in personal development and group leadership, he’s well equipped to help individuals and teams get pragmatic results. Recent work includes delivery of live and virtual seminars in facilitation, coaching, collaboration, sustainable leadership, communication, change, and life management skills. He just completed a book to empower group participants called, “12 Courageous Acts of Leadership for Participants to Change Meetings for Good.” To learn more about Steve, visit his website at

Darin J. Harris works as an organizational development consultant and facilitator at the UW-Madison Office of Quality Improvement (OQI) delivering services in strategic planning, meeting management, project management, and process improvement. He approaches each organization from a systems perspective by taking into account how processes, people, and content interrelate. Transforming plans into action is of particular interest to Darin. Since joining OQI in 2004, he has worked with dozens of academic departments and administrative units to achieve optimum results. Before coming to OQI, Darin spent 10 years as a policy facilitator, conflict resolution specialist, and organizational consultant for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. He is an alumnus of UW-Madison and enjoys exploring Madison’s rich community with his wife and two children.

Harry Webne-Behrman is a Training Officer with UW-Madison’s Office of Human Resource Development. In that capacity, he coordinates professional development programs for campus managers and supervisors, and participates as an instructor in courses on conflict management, communication skills, facilitation skills, managerial mediation and other areas. Along with his wife, Lisa Webne-Behrman, he has served as Senior Partner of a private consulting and mediation firm, Collaborative Initiative, Inc., since 1991. Harry has worked with hundreds of businesses, schools, community groups and public agencies, and he maintains tremendous enthusiasm about the importance of learning to work collaboratively to build positive work environments.

Teachers in Training

 Teri Balser  
 Janice Belgredan  
 Barb Bickford  
 Todd Brennan  
 Kathleen Paris  
 Sandy Powers  
 Mark Stevens