Journey Teaching of Transformation (JToT)

We envision the Journey Teachers of Transformation (JToT) to be a learning community focused on learning and teaching each of the JOFC modules provided in the five-day workshop. We wish to grow the capacity for us to scale-up, improve, and ultimately transition new instructors/partners for the long term growth and evolution of the Journey Series.

Introductory Video and Invitation to the JToT Program July 19, 2016

The JOFC/JB model has created potent containers for transforming individuals, groups, organizations and sectors. Here are some of JToT’s proposed attributes:

  • Participants will have taken both JOFC and JB and wish to share the practice and develop the art of Integral Leadership to be considered at the Apprentice Level.
  • The JToT cohort will provide us with a trusted group to help validate skill levels and invite joint instruction as opportunities continue to present themselves.
  • Working with JToT members, we will conduct JOFC/JB in whole and in part. JOFC scaling opportunities include: higher education institutions, innovative private sector organizations, social service/governmental organizations and, organizational entities of which you are a part, etc.
  • JToT members who have successfully completed their one year commitment may become working partners on our Teaching and Consulting Team as we seek to support the restoration and sustainability of all systems, human and otherwise, to become Living Giving Enterprises.

This is our initial vision. Before we move much further, we want to build a partnership composed of interested alumni like you. We invite you to take part at one of three possible levels of involvement depending on your level of interest:

  1. Consultant Level: You have deep expertise in one of the subject areas we teach in JOFC or JB and would like to offer your assistance in refining these modules with us. JToT Consultants will submit ideas, best practices, or inspiration using venues and methods yet to be determined.
  1. Design Team: As Design Team member, you will commit to attending regular meetings, review materials, generate ideas, share your connections and resources through your networks, and support ongoing actions. JToT R&D Team members will meet monthly from October 2016 - June 2017.
  1. JToT Apprentice: You commit to a year-long program of live workshops and teaching opportunities to become qualified to teach the Journey materials. Information on schedule, approach, pricing and requirements are currently being formulated.

Please contact us with your interest in any of the three levels above.