small_groupOver the past ten years, we’ve collected a wealth of feedback from participants. Here is a summary of what they’ve told us:

  • Usefulness: Over 85% said that they use the knowledge and skills gained in the workshop on a daily or regular basis.
  • Overall Satisfaction: Over 97% said that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the workshop.
  • Recommend Course: Over 94% said that they would likely recommend this course to others.

Listen to what prior participants have said about their experience in the Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration Workshop…

I feel like I am regenerated and ready to take on anything. I didn’t realize how much I needed this restart until I attended this. What value I received from this can not be summed up in words. I’m truly thankful this workshop exists.
–2017 Workshop Participant–

AMAZING! Such a wonderful experience! So grateful for the opportunity learn and grow personally and professionally. I wish I could attend more trainings and workshops with Steve, Darin, and Harry. They are the BEST!
2017 Workshop Participant

This experience was amazing. I went into the training thinking this was going to be just another work training in a cold room. But I was mistaken and had one of the best trainings I have ever attended. Everyone was kind and unique in so many ways. I took away so many life lessons from almost everyone in the room. These lessons were much needed and opened my eyes to a different way of facilitating meetings and beyond. For that I am more than grateful!
–2017 Workshop Participant–

This workshop was put together so well it was magical how wonderful it was.
–2017 Workshop Participant–

Excellent experience; the lessons learned will benefit me for years to come, both personally and professionally.
2017 Workshop Participant

The workshop was AMAZING and I have already recommended it to co-workers!
–2017 Workshop Participant–

I have never felt more professionally accepted, encouraged and cared for in my 20 + years of work experience. THANK YOU Darin, Steve and Harry!
–2016 Workshop Participant–

It’s been powerful to see the changes in how I see and approach different situations. I’ve been trying to approach problems from a process angle which have been calling for more of a relationship approach. Bringing that approach to several situations this week has opened things up in powerful and helpful ways.
–2016 Workshop Participant–

Well Designed! Right balance of interactive exercises to maintain energy throughout the five days.
–2016 Workshop Participant–

The knowledge and skills I gained through JOFC has dramatically changed how I view my work (and home) environment, in addition to how I interact with colleagues and members of teams that I lead or co-lead. Every day this past week I have been able to view my work environment and interact with others for what/who they are by remaining cognizant of my ladder of inference, the noble intentions of others, transparency, creating a safe work environment and establishing trust, asking questions, staying centered and remembering to breathe.
–2016 Workshop Participant–

I gave a 1.5 hr facilitation mini-workshop to my lab group yesterday and they were absolutely over the moon about it. Everyone wants to know if they can get a copy of the class materials in the binder. I got some great feedback.  I walked the group through quadrants and introduced one applicable skill per quadrant. Then we discussed or practiced. 
–2015 Workshop Participant–

This course changed my life. I realized after the course, that I was approaching life completely wrong. I focused on my personal failures, and failed to merge the group from the four quadrants. I possessed zero self awareness. After the course I already have students telling me that they are enjoying their time in our lab, and I am a much happier person. I look at failures as steps to learning, not personal failures. I use the four quadrants in everything I do. I now know how to deeply listen for not only the group vibe, but myself, and how to cultivate the culture four our success.
–2014 Workshop Participant–

I use skills and tools I learned in JOFC almost every day.  Community partners have commented on my facilitation skills, and I have been asked to facilitate more meetings, which is a big part of my job. JOFC has had a big impact on me in my personal life, as well.  I still keep in contact regularly with a couple of participants, and some of the activities really helped me to hone in on why I do what I do for a career.  I used to try to keep my “personal” and “professional” lives very separate; JOFC helped me understand that not only can I do both better by integrating them, but also that I feel so much more engagement and excitement for what I do and how I do it when I am fully connected to each.
–2015, Amanda Ostrowski,  Health Educator, Marathon County Health Department–

Using the skills I learned in this workshop, I shared some of what I learned with a group of post-docs, PhD students, undergrads and faculty who said they were going to use absolutely everything we covered. A post doc heading for a job interview was incredibly thankful for the tips on planning a discussion. Another colleague who has attended facilitation workshops before (but has not found them useful), was excited about the concrete,  actionable, useful information.  Seriously, all around it was an absolute hit.  So thank you, again.
–2015, Ali Mikulyu, Research and Graduate Education Fellow–

I have been recommending this course to everyone I know. My life is exactly the same, but my approach is much different. I center myself several times a day and call out my gremlins and triggers as I feel them. I feel like I went to a retreat, and it has truly improved my facilitator skills.
–2014 Workshop Participant–

I wanted to let you know that the JOFC course offered this past summer absolutely changed my life. I sincerely mean that, in that your course provided me with the skills which I needed to succeed. Those skills of facilitation provided me with a foundation that I truly could not have learned from anyone other than Steve, Darin and Harry. I absolutely cannot thank you all enough for helping me change my outlook on life.
–Melissa Cornett, Dairy Science Research Assistant, 2014 Workshop Participant-

I’ve used various techniques from the workshop each day. Today I had an impromptu meeting that would have made me pull my hair out before this training. The meeting started with about 5 people talking at the same time and half the issues were unrelated. I made everyone take a step back and state the goal, we then took a minute to agree on process and created an agenda. We dropped unnecessary conversations and achieved our goal. It seriously kicked ass, I wish you could have been there! Everyone said that they were really happy with the meeting at the end. Thank you, thank you.
–2014 Workshop Participant–

This was THE best workshop I have been to. I think it is very useful and can be applied to both personal and work life. The instructors were phenomenal and all of the activities were well structured. It helped me get out of my comfort zone, which it seems people need to do in order to grown and learn. WELL DONE!
–2014 Workshop Participant–

I have heard rave reviews about the Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration workshop and I’m hopeful to have the opportunity to take part as soon as possible!  Not only did my community colleague treasure her experience and encourage my attending, but community members that have been a part of her meetings since have had the highest regard for her techniques and approaches.
–United Way Community Impact Director–

I wanted you to know that I got the job I was interviewing for. So thank you for your support during the two rounds of interviews I went through during the JOFC week. I remember Darin saying, ‘Sometimes people have gotten new jobs while doing the journey.’ I like knowing this is true. The reality of interviewing (which is always so stressful) also made that week hard for me, since I felt mentally divided (needing to be present in class, and needing to prep). I was surprised when I shared that I was interviewing during our dialogue activity. I usually always keep that stuff under wraps in the event I don’t get something I’m going for. But it helped that John had shared that he was interviewing too. One of the best memories was when I came back after my second round interview and people clapped. I felt so much support. I think that helped me move confidently through the third round of interviews and to the offer I got last Friday. So ultimately, this is a long way of saying thank you one more time, for another way that the Journey experience impacted me. I’m both lucky and grateful.
–2014 Workshop Participant–

Darin, Harry and Steve, you Have NO idea how much I have used some of the techniques I learned just in the past 2 weeks… Its amazing!
–Dima Tawakkol, IT Program Manager, University of Michigan, 2013–

Wow, it was the best training that I’ve ever been to. It used the skills of the participants in the teaching, and it moved along with such a perfect mix of large group and small group activities that I believe I looked at my watch only twice the entire week. The Integral model is extremely useful.
–2013 Workshop Participant–

“Journey” is the key word for me, in that after all these years there is still excitement and passion to learn what it means to be a human being and to serve people. Thank you one hundred times.
–2013 Workshop Participant–

I want to let you know I facilitated a meeting yesterday that was like no other. I used many of the tools I learned from you in January. Over this year I have integrated the four-quadrant thinking and approach to much of what I do. Yesterday’s meeting was a 35 person meeting that allowed Owners, Directors, and Supervisor of 200 Sonic Drive-in Restaurants to create initiatives that are completely theirs. My RVP, two other VP’s, and my Marketing Director were in attendance and I received nothing but positive feedback. I have recently been promoted, and have been asked to move to our corporate office and be part of the team that manages execution for 3700 restaurants. I value what I learned from you and will use it always.
–Hayley D. Hendrick, Sonic Drive-in, Market Leader, 2012–

This was transformational – both at a personal and a professional level. This workshop gave me a new toolkit, one of which I draw upon in my personal and professional life. This week was one of the most impactful weeks I’ve had in my professional career.
–2012 Workshop Participant–

I wanted to thank you for a valuable experience last week. I gained tools which will aid me in future facilitation, which was my goal. What I didn’t expect to receive was further insight to what makes me “tick” – this part was surprising and personally very valuable. Thank you for the candor, integrity and being so authentic.
–2012 Workshop Participant, Denise DeMarb–

I can’t express what it was like for me to study your materials and feel that you had been able to articulate the complexity that I feel in this work. But instead of seeing it as complex, I tended to see it as struggle. Of course, it still is a struggle! However, I now have a handle on it, so to speak–names for the multiple components–so that I feel more in control over my experience. You’ve given me a gift and I really appreciate it!
Trish Hatfield, Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant CharacterEthics, LLC

Thanks guys for a wonderful workshop! I was facilitating a group yesterday and I was able to take them to a deeper understanding of what they needed to do because I was more comfortable taking them there. I used the Integral approach to stop and see where we were stuck. It was me! I had not previously been comfortable in taking teams deeper into messy situations. Once I got over myself, everything just flowed! We were able to address the elephant in the room that I wanted to avoid. Just wanted to let you know how you are helping many others through your workshops!
–Donna Donnelly, Life Guides, Inc.–

We recently held a very challenging visioning meeting in our department that was facilitated using many of the JOFC techniques. The meeting went exceptionally well. It was clear that everyone in the room was engaged in what became very effective and beneficial discussion.
–Bill Likos, Professor and Chair, Geological Engineering, UW-Madison–

I’m still struck, surprisingly to me, by what occurred/transpired through the week as my significant other can attest from the many conversations she and I have had about the class and its content. It was truly a journey and I appreciate you having recommended it. I believe I’ve truly gained in valuable ways from the experience.
–Peter Kaufman, Information Security, University of Wisconsin, Madison–

My words cannot explain what this week was for me. It has raised my level of consciousness around my values, strengths, and weaknesses. Most importantly it has allowed me to see my weaknesses as attributes to be built up, redirected or transformed rather than to be ashamed of, ignored, or suppressed. This is a professional course with life affirming impact. Thank you!

Thank you for the time ,thought, and energy you invested in this program. I leave a better person.

I can’t begin to describe how powerful, impactful, and transformational this experieence has been. I will forever remember the experience I had this week and hope to move forward, slowly, sharing the wisdom, techniques and ideas I’ve learned. To the four facilitators: this is life changing. Never did I think so much personal growth could happen in one week. You are all truly gifted and I feel so fortunate to have learned from you.

That was a superb workshop and a terrific experience–a journey, truly. Thanks again for excellence! I will spread the word about JOFC to all my colleagues.

You made it an easy environment to learn in. It felt like everyone was committed to not only the process, but to each other.

The other night when I got home, I found myself being a much better dad. I don’t know a stronger way to say thank you than to share that.

It feels really impossible to identify anything that didn’t work or could have worked much better. I’m hyper-aware of how workshops are planned and carried out, and this had to be the best example I’ve ever seen.

I appreciated the intentionality of the week. Your willingness to take the time to build community, provide theory and frameworks, recognize the group’s evolution and see our own personal growth resulted in a great experience.

This workshop was intense. I feel it was very much like a meditation retreat. It felt like there were multiple levels of learning provided…odd. Interesting, but odd. What an experience. This is the only training I’ve been to that truly deserves the word “Journey.”

This course was tightly organized and packed full of information and tools. Every minute counted.

This week was the safest I have felt in a long time.

I was not alone thinking “this is just another training” but it has led to valuable
tools and directives for work and for life.

It was painful, uncomfortable, exhilarating, thought-provoking, fun, courage-building, emotional, tense at times, respectful always, life changing, safe, interesting and most of all, an excellent journey.

This experience has truly changed my life for the better, both professionally and personally. The Integral Model is such a valuable life tool. I only wish that I had been aware of the concepts much earlier in my life.

I think about how hard it was and how much it asked of us. But in equal amounts, how much we gained from it. I did not expect it to be so meaningful or personal. I also didn’t realize how little I understood the subject.Thank you for words and acts of encouragement to help me break out of my shell.

Although I have pretty extensive facilitation training in my past, I found this workshop to be a truly exceptional reworking and expansion of material I thought I was familiar with. It was one of the best professional training sessions I’ve ever attended.I was a part of the very first cohort and I paid for it on my own.

Great instructors, great info and great skill-building!! I highly eecommend it! A feeling that something great can happen by tapping into a group’s potential, as experienced. I wonder if people saw themselves change as I did – louder people became softer, softer people more assertive, etc.

I feel the world would be in good hands if this group would facilitate current world priorities and problems.Thank you for creating such a trusting environment and for giving me the skills to be an effective facilitator.

Attending this course helped me to understand the importance of facilitation skills in everything that I do,from leadership, to supervision, to participation. I have thought about things I learned in the course every day since the course ended.

On Wednesday night, I went to bed knowing that there wasn’t enough time left in my lifetime to learn how to facilitate. On Thursday morning, I woke up with a plan for my next meeting. Good work fellas!

I’m grateful for the tools and resources that people shared, for the willingness of participants to take risks, for the second chance to revisit important issues, for new friends, and for the wealth of knowledge we have to share.

From preparation and pre-workshop activities to workshop flow, structure, and themes, and a bit of everything in between, the learning, teaching, and deep conversation that occurs is well worth the time and investment whether you are in the IT world, a janitor, a facilitator/consultant, musical busker, farmer, etc. Everyone, I feel, comes away with an enriched experience.

This is a dynamic and evolving program led by very talented and supportive professionals. This is not an “add water” technique that you memorize and take home. Rather it really is combination of technique, practice, and self development. It is not an end in itself, rather a beginning of exploration that can expand your capacity as a facilitator. 

I don’t know how you did it, but the days and week went very quickly. You kept me engaged and interested the entire time.

Thank you so much. This really has been a transformative experience. I have really appreciated the multiple levels of this class. The tools of course are critical and much appreciated but what has really struck me is your ability to lead us as a group into the experiences, really feeling the experiences you are teaching us about. Thank you!

I wish everyone on our management team could attend this workshop.

Excellent tools, techniques.

Thank you Darin, Harry, and Steve for putting in the energy and effort you did. This was a wonderful learning experience and one I hope to bring to mind throughout life’s journey.

Very rich, finely textured, energizing, inspiring, educational. An incredible display of awesome tri-leadership.

The openness, generosity, and expertise on display was a treat to behold and experience. WOW! Might be the best word to describe the experience.

Beneficial, challenging, and a good network for tomorrow.

I learned so much from everyone! Thanks to the organizers for their effort and courage.

I appreciated the feedback and practice that helped to develop my skills.

Thank you for helping to fulfill my dream of building powerful, alive leaders who use collaboration to change themselves and the world around them.

Fastest 5-day workshop I’ve ever experienced–seems to be over so quickly!

Thank you! I realize the investment of time and especially energy to commit to a high degree of quality.

Thank you! I had a great time and learned so much!

Thank you. All of you did a wonderful job and really taught us so much.

First, thank you for a thoughtful and provocative experience. I really valued watching all of you at work, willing to be flexible yet structured.

Amazing instructors!! Job well done! Group activities were very helpful. THANK YOU!!! 

I came to this workshop wanting to learn but I honestly thought this would be like other training and never used again – a wasted week. I was wrong! I will use this as part of my life. WONDERFUL!