Course Outline

DAY 1: Making Perspectives

  • Building Container
    – Welcome & Introductions
    – Journey Beyond Model Overview: Busting Illusions of Isolation
    – Event Site Connection
    – Dialogue in the Dark
  • Self-Attunement: Empty & Connect with Self & Nature
  • Deep Inquiry: Asking better questions; construction, scope, & assumptions
  • Generative Listening: Listening with intent to co-create out of present moment awareness
  • Assessing Values Landscape: Meme descriptions and Meme Walk Video
  • Speaking to Values: Practicing values language
  • Closing Attunement: Clarifying individual intention 2: Expanding Boundaries

  • Attunement & Insights
  • System Boundary Expansion: The Pack It, Inc Business Meeting Trio
  • Changing Perceptual Filters (Worldviews): The Pack It, Inc. Collaborative Council Trio
  • Leveraging the System: Finding and working three highest leverage points in systems
  • New Paradigm Attributes: 4Q of the New Paradigm and case study
  • Transcending Paradigms Activity: Values Simulcasting
  • What’s Available Now?: From this new perspective in your world…
  • Closing Attunement: Clarifying collective intention 3: Taking it to Scale

  • Attunement & Insights
  • Change Agents Travel Light: Releasing barriers to evolution
  • Change Agent 007: How to Overthrow a Paradigm + Examples of 2nd tier solutions
  • Re-envisioning your organization
  • Scaling Methods and Application: Replication, Expansion, Fractal Replication
  • Dimensions of an Integral Delivery System
  • Integration Activity: Dialogue in the Light